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Golf putter skills

Do Chinese people like golf

2022-07-01 07:41Golf putter skills
Summary: How to say golf in EnglishgolfWhat are the English words related to golfThe person who keeps order in the arena is called marshal. The origin of golf originates from the Netherlands. Golf is translite
How to say golf in English
What are the English words related to golf
The person who keeps orderDo Chinese people like golf in the arena is called marshal. The origin of golf originates from the Netherlands. Golf is transliterated into the Dutch kolf. It is said that more than 1000 years ago, shepherd boys used to hit small stones with shepherd sticks when they were free. This is the prototype of golf. The first golf course was the ranchWhat is golf English
Golf originally means "a better life in green space and fresh air". This can be seen from the English word Golf: g-green; O-oxygen; L - light sunlight; F - foot movement. It is a pleasure to enjoy natureDo foreigners like playing golf
1. Golf is relatively popular in foreign countries. Just like a personal hobby, playing badminton, basketball and golf. Different people like different sports. See everyone's hobbies. 2. when golf was introduced into China,Do Chinese people like golf it became an aristocratic sport because of the misleading publicity and packaging. Therefore, our domestic playersEnglish introduction to golf
The hardness of the compression golf course, including all 18 holesWho likes playing golf
But in China, this sport is misunderstood. It is regarded as the sport of the rich. There are certain objective reasons for this situation. In addition, I don't think it's a big surprise that golf courses are offered in universities. Just like college students learning English and driving a few years ago, there's nothing wrong with having more skillsEnglish words of ball games
Basketball, basketball, football, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, bowling, table tennis
" Play golf " How to say it in English
Play golf play golf play badminton swimming wrestling bike riding jogging jogging cooking cooking sewing drawing I want to play golf i&\39; d like to 。How to spell the English word of golf
It is goIf golf:[g&\596; LF]n. Golf v. playing golf VI. (playing) Golf morphological changes: noun: golfer verb past tense: golfed past participle: golfed present participle: golfing third person singular: golfs example sentence and usage: 1 Let' s play a round of golf。The origin of golf
In may1985, China Golf Club was established in Beijing. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, golf is gradually accepted by the Chinese people. Golf is a less intense sport. Golf consists of green, oxygen and light
Do Chinese people like golf

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